The Rolex Giraglia and sustainability
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The Rolex Giraglia and sustainability

It is almost superfluous to underline that most of those who go sailing, at any level, would like to see our seas free from contamination and plastic pollution and their fauna, particularly dolphins and Mediterranean whales, protected from threats that today are increasingly severe such as accidental death in nets, collisions with vessels and undersea noise. Most of us would also like to be part of the generation that leaves more sustainable future in environmental terms for our children and grandchildren.

As an organisation that works tirelessly to spread the culture of the sea and the defence of the marine environment, the Yacht Club Italiano has promoted a series of initiatives aimed particularly at eco-sustainability awareness among the crews taking part in the Rolex Giraglia 2021 and paying the maximum attention to such important issues as Event&Venue Management, Waste Reduction and Race Management.

Specifically, in this edition, the Rolex Giraglia wants to give publicity and support to two worthy and important initiatives:


Rolex Giraglia, in terms of care for environmental impact and the protection of the sea, is adhering to the RECO initiative promoted by One Ocean Foundation. The RECO (ecological manager on board) will be present on every yacht taking part in the race and will be responsible for observing and respecting especially studied decalogue for those going to sea. During the finalisation of registration in Sanremo, every competitor will be encouraged to take part indicating the yacht name and name of the RECO on a prepared form. All competitors taking part will be given, on request to limit the use of paper, the decalogue printed on FSC paper to take on board and show to the crew. It is also available online here.

One Ocean Foundation will present plaques to the first yachts in both the ORC and IRC classes adhering to the RECO initiative.

TETHYS - photo contest

The entire route of the races inside the Pelagos Sanctuary, the largest marine area in the Mediterranean, set up in 1999 by Italy, France and the principality of Monaco to protect the whales and dolphins of our seas.

Meeting in these waters a shoal of striped dolphins or a huge fin whale, a turtle or a sunfish is far from unlikely! Giraglia Photo Challenge is open to all participants as a collateral event in the race.

There are two aims: to capture with a photograph the unique thrill of a leap or a spout in one of the most environmentally valuable areas of the entire Mediterranean and also contribute to the scientific community by reporting the presence of the species observed.

The photos should portray the beauty and extraordinary nature of the inhabitants of the Sanctuary and express the values of environmental sustainability and respect for the sea.

The photos, which can be shot with a simple smart phone or tablet, should be sent as soon as possible to the Tethys Research Institute at The winner of the photo contest will be declared on Saturday, June 19 during the prize-giving of the race winners, and a special prize will be awarded.